The Trinity Hall June Event (hereafter "the Event") is organised and run by the Trinity Hall June Event Committee (hereafter "the Organisers"). Purchase of tickets, and participation at the Event is subject to the following terms and conditions.


  1. Tickets for the Event are priced at £85 per person. In addition, there are a limited number of 'queue jump' tickets, priced at £95 per person, which allow priority of entry to the Event. The Organisers reserve the right to withhold and release a second wave of 'non queue jump' tickets at a price of £95. There are also alumni tickets priced at £120 per person, which include a drinks reception. There is a £10 per ticket discount for alumni group purchases of more than eight (8) tickets.
  2. Ticket applications for normal tickets, 'queue jump' tickets and second wave 'non queue jump' tickets may only be made online through QPay at No other form of application will be considered.
  3. Ticket applications for alumni tickets may only be made through emailing Ticketing at
  4. Trinity Hall and Gonville and Caius members may apply for tickets from 19/01/2018; all other ticket applications may be made from 20/01/2018.
  5. Any Applicant, including members of Trinity Hall may apply for a maximum of five (5) tickets. Ticket applications will only be accepted where made by a member or alumnus of the University of Cambridge (hereafter "the Applicant"). The Applicant may additionally apply for tickets for their accompanied guests, who must be their bona fide acquaintances but need not be connected to the University of Cambridge. However, any guests who are not members of the University will only be granted access to the Event when accompanied by their corresponding Applicant.
  6. Tickets to the Event are subject to availability.
  7. The Applicant is obliged to ensure that the existence and content of these Terms and Conditions is made known to any person whom he purchases the tickets on behalf of.
  8. Ticket orders on QPay will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event that the Event sells out, the Organisers will hold a reserve list of up to 100 people. Should tickets become available at a later date, they will be reissued to Applicants on the reserve list.
  9. Tickets will be valid only to admit the person whose name appears on them. A person may request to change the name appearing on the ticket by emailing Ticketing at ,who may choose to approve the request at their sole discretion. If the request is approved, Ticketing will then forward the name change details to QPay at QPay will charge the Applicant a name change fee of £7.50 and edit the name change. Name changes may only be made until 06/06/2018; name change requests made after this date will not be entertained by Ticketing or QPay.
  10. Only tickets purchased directly from QPay will be honoured. Where any person is found to be reselling tickets to persons other than their invited guests (whose names appear on the original application form) for personal profit/gain, admission to the Event will be refused to them and to the holder of any ticket affected by such a sale. No refund will be given in such a situation.
  11. Any resale which would otherwise be allowed under section 9 above will be void (insofar as the validity of any ticket affected by such a sale is concerned) if conducted for a price different from that stated on the face of the ticket or in authorised publicity for the Event, and any ticket affected by such a sale will not be honoured by the Organisers.
  12. Where a person has purchased a ticket on QPay but no longer wishes to use it, they may request to cancel their ticket by emailing Ticketing at, who may choose to approve the request at their sole discretion. If the request is approved, Ticketing will forward the refund request to QPay at QPay will then refund the net of refund fee to the Applicant through the QPay app. The net of refund fee is the ticket price minus the cancellation fee of £15. Cancellation may only be done until 06/06/2018; cancellation requests made after this date will not be entertained by Ticketing or QPay.
  13. Subject to availability, the ticket price includes all food and drink for the duration of the night.

  15. Payment is to be made only through QPay.

  17. In the event of cancellation or abandonment of the Event, tickets will not be refunded unless, at the time of cancellation or abandonment, more than a quarter the planned runtime of the Event remains.
  18. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that the Event line-up and activities will be as previously advertised, the Organisers reserve the right to make any alterations, to whatever degree as may be necessary in the circumstances existing at the time, without prior notice. The Organisers will not be held liable for such alterations for reasons including, but not limited to, adverse weather, risks to public security or to public well-being or non- arrival or non-performance of acts.

  20. Right of admission reserved. Sufficient proof (in the view of the Organisers) of identity, age and, where necessary, of University membership (i.e. NUS Extra card, Cambridge University card) will be required to gain admission to the Event. All participants must be aged 18 years or over.
  21. The Organisers reserve the right to evict from the Event grounds anyone who they consider to be a risk to other participants or property, or those who they consider to be acting in a manner which adversely affects other participants' enjoyment of the Event.
  22. There is a zero tolerance drug policy at the event. If you are found in possession of illegal substances or are under their influence, the Committee reserves the right to eject you from the event.
  23. Where any person is refused entry to the Event in the first place, a refund of his/her ticket price may be made at the entire discretion of the Organisers. However, where a person is evicted under section 18 or 19, no refund, partial or otherwise, will be made.
  24. Entry to the Event will be through the Latham Gate, Trinity Hall and by ticket only. Admission will begin at approximately 21:00 on the day of the Event (20/06/2018). The Organisers will not be in any way liable should admission begin at a later time and no guarantee is made as to time of entry. Last admittance to the Event will be at 22:30. Any ticket holders arriving thereafter will only be admitted at the Organisers' entire discretion. There will be no re-admissions.
  25. Guests issued with 'Queue Jump' passes are entitled to wait in a queue starting from the Latham Gate and extending along Garret Hostel Lane towards Trinity Lane.
  26. Event participants will be issued with identification bracelets (or equivalent) on the night of the Event which must be worn during the Event and shown to any Event staff who requests them to do so.

  28. The Organisers reserve the right to remove from participants any items which they consider to be dangerous and will store such items until the end of the Event when they may be collected by their owner. The Organisers accept no responsibility for such items whilst in their possession. What constitutes a dangerous item is at the sole discretion of the Organisers. No refund will be given if the participant refuses to comply with the Organisers in this matter.
  29. The Organisers take no responsibility for any items or personal property brought into the Event by its participants and such items are brought into the Event grounds at the participant's sole risk. Additionally, the Organisers take no responsibility for any loss or damage to or theft of items left by the Event participants in any cloakroom facilities that may be provided except and insofar as any such loss, damage or theft may be proved to be attributed to the negligence of the Organisers' or their employees.
  30. Insofar as permitted by law and, in particular, subject to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the Organisers of the Event, their servants or agents will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused (whether by negligence or otherwise) to any participants.
  31. The Organisers reserve the right to photograph and record CCTV footage of the Event site, its immediate surroundings, the grounds of Trinity Hall and those entering, present in and leaving it, in order to document the Event in case of later legal action.
  32. The Organisers reserve the right to conduct searches of persons or property to verify any belief that the Terms and Conditions laid out here are not being adhered to.

  34. The taking of photographs and video or tape recordings for recreational and personal purposes is allowed; however, recordings for all other purposes is absolutely prohibited. Persons considered by the Organisers to be making prohibited recordings may be asked to refrain from doing so and, on refusal, may be required to leave the Event. In such circumstances no refund will be given. Notwithstanding the terms of this section, the Organisers may require guests to refrain from taking photographs and video recordings even for personal use if this is necessary to prevent the Organisers from being in breach of contract with a particular artist. This request will be made clear on the night of the Event. If such a request is made, the provisions of this section relating to expulsion will apply.
  35. In attending the Event as registered Ticket Holders, guests hereby agree to have their photograph taken by approved photographers as appointed by the Organisers. Such material may in future be made public by the Organisers or used for promotional materials.

  37. Guests are expected to conduct themselves with due care throughout the Event. The Organisers do not in any way condone excessive alcohol consumption and hereby give notice of the risks inherent in careless participation at the Event. All care is taken to minimise risks including, but not limited to, trip hazards, suspended objects, hot surfaces and equipment at the Event. By agreeing to the terms of this document, the participant acknowledges receipt of this notice.

  39. Any queries should be directed to
  40. Please note: the Committee reserves the right to reasonably modify any of these Terms and Conditions at its discretion.