CustomCover Developer Info

Ensure that you're using the latest beta from my repo.

API Info

@interface CustomCoverAPI : NSObject
+(UIView*)  mainLSView;
+(UIView*)  backgroundLSView;
+(UIColor*) primaryLSColour;
+(UIColor*) secondaryLSColour;
+(UIColor*) backgroundLSColour;

The views should be provided 'ready to use' and will have a frame that is the size of the screen, origin at (0,0).

Methods will return valid views/colours only if the user's CustomCover preferences are applicable, otherwise Nil will be returned;

NSNotification Info

Colour Reset

Name:       CustomCoverLockScreenColourResetNotification
UserInfo:   Nil

Colour Change

Name:       CustomCoverLockScreenColourUpdateNotification
UserInfo:   NSDictionary @{
                          @"PrimaryColour"    : (UIColor*)p,
                          @"SecondaryColour"  : (UIColor*)s,
                          @"BackgroundColour" : (UIColor*)b

If you have any further questions just email me.