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Charlie Hewitt

Curriculum Vitae


I'm a year old student currently reading for a masters in computer science at the University of Cambridge. I'm hoping to secure an internship or apprenticeship in software research & development; I'd like to pursue a career in the design and implementation of software systems after finishing my studies. I'm particularly interested in graphics, vision and interaction. A portfolio of my recent work is available at



Intern - Cydar - Summer 2017

Two month internship working as part of the team at Cydar in Cambridge, helping to develop imaging technologies for surgeons to use in the OR.

Intern - Jagex Game Studios - Summer 2016

Three month internship as part of a small team, focussed on projects involving the prototyping and development of potential future business opportunities for Jagex.

Webmaster - Trinity Hall Boat Club - 2014-2017

Maintaining and updating the club website (, including complete website redesign, mobile compatibility update and implementation of online captaincy election system.

Treasurer - Trinity Hall June Event - 2016

Management of £150,000 budget and assistance in production of event hosting 2000 guests celebrating the end of the academic year.


Confidence measures for CNN classification using Gaussian processesPDF

Paper presenting a hybrid classification technique using Gaussian processes fitted on features extracted by a convolutional neural network to enable estimation of prediction confidence. The classifer is evaluated on the MNIST dataset and shown to have somewhat meaningful implications for confidence estimation.

Procedural generation of tree models for use in computer graphics - 2017PDF

Project and associated dissertation produced for part II of the Cambridge BA course evaluating the effectiveness of Lindenmeyer-Systems and a fully parametric approach in producing realistic 3D models of trees for CGI. Implemented two systems in python for use with Blender, as well as an investigation of automatic design using genetic algorithms.


Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge - 2014-Present

Studying for an MEng in computer science

BA (first class) in computer science

John Hampden Grammar School - 2007-14

A Level

AS Level

Cambridge iGCSE


Achievements / Interests


Prof. Simon Moore
Director of Studies, Computer Science
Trinity Hall
Trinity Lane
Robert Hague
Cydar Ltd.
Bulbeck Mill
CB22 7QY