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Charlie Hewitt


I'm a year old computer scientist based in the UK. I graduated in 2018 with a master's degree in computer science from the University of Cambridge and have been involved in a number of projects at a variety of institutions around the world since then. I'm currently working as a research scientist focussing on computer graphics, computer vision and machine learning at Microsoft's lab in Cambridge, UK. A portfolio of my recent work is available at chewitt.me.


Research Scientist - Microsoft Dec 2020-present

Working at the intersection of computer graphics, computer visions and machine learning as part of the Presence AI team based in Cambridge, UK.

Research Consultant - Microsoft Research Jan-Dec 2020

Eighteen month consultancy position with the Graphics & Multimedia group at Microsoft's research lab in Cambridge. Helping to build the next generation of head mounted displays.

R&D Intern - OLM Digital Sep-Dec 2019

Three month internship with the R&D group at OLM Digital animation studio in Tokyo building in-house tooling for their 3D animation and visual effects pipelines. Primarily developing custom modelling tools for Autodesk Maya.

Research Consultant - Microsoft May-Aug 2019

Three months with the Cognition research and development team based at Microsoft's lab in Cambridge, working on application of machine learning to problems in computer graphics and vision.

Research Assistant - Computational Media Innovation Centre Jan-Apr 2019

Three month RA position at the CMIC, Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, working with researchers and industry partners. Independent project work on computer vision techniques for omnidirectional stereoscopic video and its application to immersive mixed reality experiences.

Research Intern - Microsoft Research Jul-Dec 2018

Six month internship at Microsoft Research in Cambridge working on near-eye holographic display technologies for mixed reality. Development of hologram design algorithms and prototyping of holographic display systems, contributed to two patents relating to holographic and near-eye displays.

Intern - Cydar Summer 2017

Two month internship working at Cydar in Cambridge, helping to develop imaging technologies for surgeons to use in the OR. Software development work focussing on web-based technologies and user interaction.

Intern - Jagex Game Studios Summer 2016

Three month internship within the web team at Jagex, focussed on projects involving the exploration of potential future business opportunities. Working as part of a small team to develop prototype web-based software.


Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge 2014-2018

MEng (distinction - 87%) in computer science

Research focussed masters involving lectures as well as independent research projects and a thesis. Courses: Affective Computing, Computer Vision, Probabilistic Machine Learning, Advanced topics in mobile and sensor systems and data modelling and Interaction with machine learning. My thesis was looking at facial alignment, involving application of machine learning to computer vision.

BA (first class) in computer science

Diverse three year course covering topics ranging from physics and computer hardware design to machine learning and human computer interaction.



A high fidelity synthetic face framework for computer visionPDF

T. Baltrušaitis, E. Wood, V. Estellers, C. Hewitt, S. Dziadzio, M. Kowalski, M. Johnson, T. Cashman, and J. Shotton - Microsoft 2020

Near-eye peripheral display device patent

A. Georgiou, J. Kollin, B. Kress, A. Lunardhi, S. Rehman and C. Hewitt - Microsoft, 2019

Holographic image generated based on eye position patent

Andreas Georgiou, Joel Kollin, Charlie Hewitt and Niel Emerton - Microsoft, 2019

Pose-Informed Face Alignment for Extreme Head Pose Variations in AnimalsPDF

Charlie Hewitt, Marwa Mahmoud - Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction 2019

Assessing Public Perception of Self-Driving Cars: the Autonomous Vehicle Acceptance ModelPDF

Charlie Hewitt, Ioannis Politis, Theo Amanatidis, Advait Sarkar - Intelligent User Interfaces 2019

Head Pose Estimation and Facial Landmark Localisation for AnimalsPDF

Masters Dissertation - Supervised by Marwa Mahmoud - University of Cambridge 2018

Procedural generation of tree models for use in computer graphicsPDF

Undergraduate Dissertation - Supervised by Gyorgy Denes - University of Cambridge 2017


Dr Andreas Georgiou
Principal Researcher
Microsoft Research
21 Station Road
Cambridge, UK
Dr Erroll Wood
Senior Scientist
21 Station Road
Cambridge, UK
Dr Marc Slavati
R&D Software Engineer
OLM Digital, Inc.
Mikami Building, Wakabayashi
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan