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Website design and other graphics for the 2018 Trinity Hall June Event, in addition to managing the ticketing service provided through Qpay.


Raspberry Pi Zero W based AirPlay and Spotify Connect server for use with my desktop speakers.

Uses the HiFiBerry DAC+ Zero along with shairport-sync and raspotify.



I'll be joining the team at Cydar in Cambridge for a two month internship over the summer of 2017.

I will help to develop technologies for medical imaging to be used by surgeons during operations.

Part II Project

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For my third year project I've explored the procedural modelling of trees for use in computer graphics.

I've implemented two systems which generate tree models of many types within the Blender modelling application.

Source code available on GitHub.


As part of my studies I've been learning a lot about machine learning and artificial intelligence, so I thought I'd have a go at implementing some of the concepts.

So far I've implemented a Bayesian neural network, Gaussian process regression (pictured) and the Viterbi algorithm - I'm hoping to implement a support vector machine and more soon!


Project completed as part of the Hack Cambridge hackathon in January 2017.

An IR sensor placed in the user's mailbox would communicate via WIFI to our server which then sent out an email notifying them. Ideal for Cambridge students whose mailboxes are often far away from where they live.

A website allowed users to register and set up their device, as well as check its status.

OpenGL Shaders

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Playing around with some space themed planet shaders in GLSL.


  • Poisson distributed galactic environment generation.
  • Solar system generation with dynamic lighting.
  • Earth-like planet, gas planet and star shaders.
  • Pixel art shader.



I'm joining the team at Jagex Games Studio for three months in the summer of 2016 as an intern.

I'll be working on a project as part of a small team aimed at exploring new areas which Jagex may be interested in expanding into in the future.


SplitBit is an online equity, salary and payments negotiation platform aimed at startups, particularly in the tech industry.

The site was created as part of the Cambridge CST group project programme. The group worked with clients Matt Johnson and Eddy Ashton from Frontier, a games company based in Cambridge.

THBC Site Redesign

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Trinity Hall Boat Club's original website was designed in the 90s and was starting to show its age. I carried out a complete visual redesign and tidied up many aspects of the website code.

I also wrote a new voting system to be used for captaincy elections, as well as updating the content of many of the site's pages and adding some new ones.


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Animated icon theming platform (similar to Winterboard) for iOS 8 and 9.

Available for free from the ModMyi Cydia repo. Source code available on GitHub.


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Seng is a sleek and highly customisable replacement for your iOS 8 & 9 app switcher and control center, providing 2 core features; Multi Centre and Hot Corners.

Available to purchase from the Cydia Store.


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Customise the iOS LockScreen Now Playing view and Music app. Packed full of features and compatible with all devices running iOS 7 through 9.

Available to purchase from the Cydia Store.

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Messages Customiser

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The most fully featured tweak available for modifying the iOS Messages app. Messages Customiser is the one stop solution for tweaking your texting experience on all devices running iOS 7 - 9

Free and Premium version available from the Cydia Store.


Simple winterboard theme with subtle changes from the default iOS 7 look. Inspired by the work of Louie Mantia

Includes all stock icons, and a few extra. Compatible with all devices on iOS 7.

Available from my personal repo.

Tinct & Chroma

Chroma, and the more fully featured Tinct, are a duo of UI tweaks for iOS 7 and 8. Both allow for extensive customisation of the colours of various elements of the iOS interface, while remaining lightweight and simple to use.

Chroma is available for free from Cydia (source on GitHub), and Tinct is available to purchase from the Cydia Store.

Linen Growl Style


Custom style for the popular Growl notification management app.

Inspired by the iOS 5 and OSX Mountain Lion interface styling and with custom slide in animation.

Flippers Ain't Wings

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Block jumping, arcade style game for all iOS devices.

Follow the story of Percy the Penguin in his adventure to discover the source of mysterious ice blocks falling from the sky.


Winterboard theme for retina iPad on iOS 6.


  • All stock icons
  • AppStore Icon Mask
  • Springboard Elements
  • App Switcher
  • Notification Centre

Available from the Cydia Store

I'm a year old student living near London in the UK.

I'm studying for an MEng in computer science at the University of Cambridge.

I like to design and code things - apps, websites, iOS tweaks, icons & interfaces.

I also love to play and write music, take photos & row.

A full CV is available here.

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